Product SKU Price Action
2oz Clarifying Shampoo
200-02C $0.00
4×6 Sample Client Release Form
lasio professional hair care
Color Pro 35oz
100-35C $275.00
Dry Shampoo
200-03DS $10.50
Frame Insert: 8.5×11 Restore Moisture
Lasio Products
Hypersilk Advanced Serum- 4.23oz
200-04S $11.00
Hypersilk Blowout Service
200-HBSP $281.50 $239.27
best keratin hair treatment
Hypersilk Clarifying Shampoo- 35oz
200-35C $40.00
lasio keratin treatment
Hypersilk Color-Treated Conditioner
200-12CTC $16.50
Lasio Hypersilk hair treatment
Hypersilk Color-Treated Shampoo- 12.34oz
200-12CTS $16.00
Lasio Hypersilk Hair Treatment
Hypersilk Replenishing Conditioner
200-12RC $15.90
Hypersilk Replenishing Conditioner- 35oz
200-35RC $38.00
keratin hair straightening treatment
Hypersilk Replenishing Shampoo- 12.34oz
200-12RS $15.50
LASIO Keratin Straightening Treatments
Hypersilk Replenishing Shampoo- 35oz
200-35RS $37.00
Lasio Revitalizing Masque
Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque- 4.23oz
200-04M $18.00
Lasio hair smoothing treatment
Hypersilk Smoothing Balm- 4.23oz
200-04B $16.00
200-08TK $19.00
healthy hair keratin treatment
HYPERSILK Volumizing Hairspray
200-12HS $16.50
In-House Education Class
300-IHC $350.00
Keratin CEO
200-KCEO $2,165.70 $1,523.00
Keratin Color Boss
200-KCB $472.49 $400.00
Keratin Protector
200-KP4 $12.00
Keratin Protector Bulk Order Form
formaldehyde free keratin treatment
Keratin Tropic 15.87oz
100-16T $150.00
Lancaster, PA Education Class – March 23, 2020
Lasio “Keratin Queen” T-Shirt- Black
200-01Lasio Black Tee $24.99
Lasio “Keratin Queen” T-Shirt- White
200-01Lasio White Tee $24.99
LASIO Keratin Pro-Kit
200-KPR $99.00

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