Moisturize Dry Strands & Restore Damaged Hair

Dry strands, dull hair, split ends, and frizz are symptoms of damaged hair. Help your clients with delicate restore their hair with a Lasio Keratin Treatment.

Keratin Treatment Recommendations
For dehydrated hair, especially if the hair is coarse and resistant, Mocha Silk is highly recommended. If hair is color-treated and dry, then Color Pro is the perfect match. For fine and dry hair One Day or Keratin Tropic would be a great fit.

Restoring Your Dry and Damaged Hair at Home
Advise your clients to use a moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner and deep condition once per week. Getting a Lasio Keratin Treatment will help them reduce the amount of heat they have to apply to their hair. Their hair will need a break from the hot tools. Be sure to provide regular trims.

Tip: For clients seeking to restore damaged hair create a Hair Repair punch card that can be purchased at a discount offering 6 months of trims or deep conditioning services. Help to manage their journey back to healthy hair and keep them coming back.

Product Recommendations