Managing Curls

Curly hair is exotic and unique. Help your client’s embrace and manage their curls. Performing Keratin Tropic on a client wanting to maintain her curls will give her hair deep conditioning, moisture, and assist in breakage linked to dry curls.

Keratin Treatment Recommendation
If your clients love their curls and want to embrace them, then Keratin Tropic is the treatment to use. It will slightly stretch their curl and eliminate 100% of frizz. If they wish to drastically reduce their curl for more of a straight look or achieve a loose wave, then choose the Onew Day Formula.

Taking Care of Curly Hair
Curly hair tends to be on the drier side, and so regular deep conditioning is needed to restore and maintain moisture. Curly hair also tends to create a flat top as curls tug at the roots, weighing the style down, creating a triangle look. Avoid this by working your roots. Use a volumizing spray and style hair upside down to lift your roots. And of course, always use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Never let anyone dull your curls.

Product Recommendations