Last Thursday, Lasio Founder and CEO, Nadine Ramos, and VP of Education, Morisha Gaul, appeared on a local news station (WFMZ, 69 News at Sunrise) to generate awareness about their Keratin Lounge Stroudsburg, PA location.  We sat down with Morisha and asked her to share her 5 tips on how to secure and navigate an appearance on local television.

1. How did Keratin Lounge PA secure  a segment on local television station, WFMZ, 69 News at Sunrise morning show?

We are currently working with a PR company. They secured the spot on WFMZ. However, if a PR company is not in your budget at the moment, be your own publicist.
A. Google is my best friend. (“Just Google it.”) Google search entries like “How to submit a pitch to appear on a local morning news show?”
B. Do your  research. Watch your local news and keep an eye out for segments that you want to appear on. Find out who the host is. Google the names of segment producers, get their email addresses and start sending out pitches. Many news stations list the contact details for specific beats in the Contact” section of their website.
C. Be creative in your pitch. News is news, whether it’s print or national television. Everyone is interested in services and products that are trending, new and exclusive.

2. Why is it important to advertise across different mediums?

Local TV is a great outlet to generate awareness about your salon in the city it’s located in. It’s an opportunity to speak to and make a visual connection with an entire audience of potential clients. While national campaigns and media outlets are beneficial for brands that have product distribution nationwide and online, local media has the highest potential when it comes to the possibility of bringing people through your doors. You’ll see results sooner.

3. How did you secure the model for the spot? Especially if there is not a lot of lead time to prepare?

A. Use your social media handles. Post a model request on Instagram or look up hashtags such as #model (city you are looking for a model in) Example: #modelallentown
B. Ask one of your best clients (If they’re not camera shy.) to appear on the show with you. It’s a great way to say thank you.
C. Ask a new client that recently received the treatment. The audience can relate because they’re potentially new clients too!

A new kind of local salon specializes in frizz-free hair

4. What are the key things to remember before going on air?

Before your air date the producer will provide you with a list of questions. Use these questions as a guide when preparing what you want to highlight and or present. The good thing is that we’re not in politics. With such a short time slot to work with, the host isn’t there to catch you off guard. They want their viewers to get the most benefit. And don’t forget to have fun! Be you. You’re the best spokesperson for your brand.

5. Closing Remarks

Remember to ask the producer to show your website url at the end of the spot and or mention the name and location of your salon if that is not an option. If there’s time, mention a new client promotion.

CTA: Watch the full segment here