LASIO Keratin Treatments

LASIO Keratin Treatments are water-based, spray-on formulas that contain the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market. In fact, LASIO’s Keratin Tropic — a completely formaldehyde-free keratin formula —  is noted as being one of the best formaldehyde-free keratin formulas available today, and is the choice of many top salons and stylists.

Our Keratin Treatments produce a lightweight finish while also hydrating, repairing, and protecting hair strands. Our keratin treatments deposit keratin, along with gentle conditioners, into the hair cuticles which are then sealed to lock in moisture and produce a natural shine.

LASIO’s Keratin Treatments also allow for a comfortable salon environment while still delivering amazing results.

We put the safety of the stylists and clients first. This is the LASIO Difference.


*Although the short-term health effects of formaldehyde exposure are well known, less is known about its potential long-term health effects. In 1980, laboratory studies showed that exposure to formaldehyde could cause nasal cancer in rats. This finding raised the question of whether formaldehyde exposure could also cause cancer in humans. In 1987, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of unusually high or prolonged exposure (1). Since that time, some studies of humans have suggested that formaldehyde exposure is associated with certain types of cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen (2). In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen in its 12th Report on Carcinogens (3).