Consumer Agreement

I understand that I have no rights to resell the Lasio keratin treatment. I will not resell the professional product online, or to other stylists (licensed or not). I understand that, as a salon owner or stylist, I only have the right to sell the Lasio After care line as retail products. If I am caught reselling Lasio keratin treatment, I understand that legal action will be taken.

I understand that LASIO does not guarantee orders purchased from other online retailers. We will not take back, replace, or refund orders from any company or online retailer that is not owned or operated by LASIO, Inc.

I understand that Lasio keratin treatments are to be used solely by licensed professionals only. I assure that this product will be used by qualified, licensed persons only.

I understand that if I receive a damaged package and sign for it, it is my responsibility to contact the carrier and Lasio Inc. to alleviate the situation.

I understand that if a product I have received does not seem consistent with Lasio Inc. products, I should contact Lasio Inc. immediately to arrange for the return of the suspect product.

I understand that I must be able to provide the last four digits of the credit card I listed on my authorization form each time I wish to purchase products. I understand that if I choose to use a new credit card to purchase Lasio products, I must first complete a new credit card authorization form. I understand that this is done to avoid fraudulent charges and I will cooperate by keeping up to date with the appropriate paper work.

I understand that all sales are final, no refund and no exchange.

I have read and understand this consumer agreement. I understand that Lasio must receive this contract, a credit card authorization form, and a copy of my license in order to purchase Lasio products.